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Song Premiere: Johnny Zachman, “Sundays In The Garden”

Let’s face it; life is tough. The added anxieties of making the right choice, doing or saying the right thing, solving all the problems around you and around the world…it’s exhausting. Austin’s Johnny Zachman takes this head on in his newest single, “Sundays In The Garden”.

In the artist’s almost signature style, the track leads in slowly and adds layers; a jaunty fiddle (Eddie Dickerson), the smooth conversational tone of Zachman’s vocals, soothing bass (Josh Flowers). Everything about the music exudes a calmness, while the lyrics detail daily struggles of wondering if you’ve done enough for the world around you.

Then the song enters its second act. The musical shift is accompanied by a tonal shift. Zachman remarks, “…how easily these anxieties slip away when you step out into nature, slow down, breathe, and spend time with the people you love.” The strings explode in joyous dance and the Zachman becomes audibly more excited; as if you can hear him singing through a smile.