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Song Premiere: Kleptokrat, "Kleptocito"

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Song Premiere: Kleptokrat, “Kleptocito”

Kleptokrat hits the ground running full speed on their latest single, “Kleptocito”. The jazzy jam is instantly groovable from the second you press play. Cheeky horns play call-and-response with some exceptionally clean guitar. Soon enough, the saxophone bursts onto the scene, singing and scatting, dancing it’s way through the rhythm.

After some playful chatter between instruments, a heavier tone descends upon the track with distorted guitar and droning waves of malevolence. Before you know it, we’re snapped out of it with perky bass lines and those same colorful horns we’ve grown accustomed to.

Brooklyn quintet Kleptokrat showcase a bevy of musical styles and influence on “Kleptocito”. Elements of jazz, rock, metal, and even a little Latin influence can be heard throughout the five minute single. All these genres ooze into the track, yet everything is neatly packaged around those lively horns.