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Song Premiere: Larsen, “Good Looking Out”

Coming hot out of the gate, Larsen’s latest single is chock full of texture and dynamic nuances. Within the first 30 seconds, a medley of massive sounds swell around singer Jon Kinne’s crooning voice, and you’re regretting not listening to this song through your best headphones.

Seriously, put on your best headphones and dive back in to “Good Looking Out”.

The Kansas City sextet pull off their incredibly large sound outstandingly well on “Good Looking Out”, the first single from the upcoming Larsen – EP. Of course you’re going to sound big when there are six musicians on the stage, but taking the raw energy from live set to studio can be tricky. The guitars are alive and energetic, with two strong personalities on this track. Sometimes dueling, sometimes harmonious, the guitars dance in and out of focus throughout the song in chaotic synchronization. The keys are prominent, and always changing; in one instance you lose track of them, but in the next they’re kicking you in the gut. Thick bass and sharp drums lay the groundwork for a little funk to find its way through. And throughout it all, Kinne’s warm voice belts out,  “You don’t know what to do with all of this, I don’t know how to help you through it all”.

Larsen is Tyler Beyer (Bass), Matt Chipman (Drums), Carson Alexander-Muck (Keys), Sam Kinne (Electric Guitar), Jon Kinne (Vocals), and Luc Heidenreich (Electric Guitar). Larsen – EP will be available everywhere on April 19th. Keep up with the band on Facebook or Instagram.