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Remixes are interesting beasts. Some remixes are more of a remake of a song, taking bits and pieces of the original composition, setting them to the side, then creating a track that those piece can be placed into. Other remixes lightly adjust a song with the core components still intact.

Synth-pop duo LUX recently released their debut album PAX and it included the quasi ballad “My Skin, My Body,” which is filled with Ivy Schulte and Jake Wesley Rogers’ powerful voices. Nashville based producer KELLR recently took a crack at remixing said track, creating what almost sounds like an alternate take of the track itself. It still feels immensely like LUX, leaving the lead vocals of Rogers almost untouched as well as keeping an overall electronic pop atmosphere. The difference is within the backing track. KELLR adds more complex instrumentation with layers of guitar, synth, and Schulte’s distorted voice.

KELLR’s remix of “My Skin, My Body” is released on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and most other major digital music providers on Jan. 9 but we have a stream of the track premiering below. Check it out and give the band’s full-length PAX a listen as well.