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Song Premiere: Phourist & The Photons, "We're All Born Screaming"

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Song Premiere: Phourist & The Photons, “We’re All Born Screaming”

Louisville’s Phourist & The Photons are back with a brand-spankin’ new single, “We’re All Born Screaming”.

Though a short song (less than three minutes), the track carries a bevy of dynamic sounds and emotional weight. Driving keys and perfectly syncopated drums move the track beautifully under Nick Phourist Hill’s rich voice as guitars whir in and out. Small layers of group vocals back up Hill’s crooning cries of “We’re all born screaming” as it rockets into the void.

“We’re All Born Screaming”  is out digitally everywhere tomorrow (March 8th)! Phourist & The Photons will be releasing their new album this summer, until then, follow the band on Facebook.