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Clean, catchy as hell, and erotically clumsy. Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type’s latest single ‘Teenage Bodies” is just as adolescent as it is mature. The single paints a picture of evolving love and infatuation, from longing stares across the room to applying foundation over wrinkles to keep impressing your crush in your older years. There’s a theme of always taking that extra step to ensure your lover’s eyes are constantly on you. Whether that’s to blind them from what else is out there or because you truly only have eyes for one another, who knows. There’s growth showcased throughout the song, though. Not just in the lyrical content but in the production as well.

“Teenage Bodies” is The Wild Type’s most maturely crafted song yet, both from a production standpoint and song writing perspective. The story told within is endearing and charming with hooks that take time and talent to create. The instrumentation feels like a, albeit slightly better, big budget Weezer banger as well, blending synth keys that feel like just the right amount of John Hughes with fist-pumping guitar and Mallin’s smooth but authoritative vocals. The song was recorded and produced by Hembree’s Issac Flynn, mixed by Jim Barnes, and mastered by Joel Nanos.

Take a listen to our premier of the track below before it’s official release tomorrow, Oct. 20. Ya might wanna put it on repeat.