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New things are difficult. Different things are difficult. Starting something is difficult. No matter what the situation, making a life change and committing to it isn’t easy. At least, not until it pays off.

“Something Blue” is a track about trudging through mucky waters to find yourself on the other end. Or at least find some type of happiness that helps you remember who you are. The track talks about chapters closing in life and letting go of friendships. There’s moments of youthful optimism and uncertainty that anyone can relate to, like asking someone to go out but also providing them an escape plan if they need it, like the character in this song inviting someone out but also offering to drive them home if they didn’t want to hang. It’s a mellow jaunt of a song with awkward and charming layers of electronic instrumentation that compliments the themes found within the lyrics. It also finishes with a somewhat happy ending that’s accompanied my faster paced and clashing instruments with the character coming to the conclusion that “I like you.”

“Something Blue” comes off of Rich Boy Junkie’s new EP Neotiny And The Grand Gesture, which comes out Friday, June 30 but you can stream a premiere of the track below ahead of the album’s release. Neotiny is an extremely personal collection of songs from Collin Thomas (Winded City). If you like what you hear, support the artist by preordering the album on Bandcamp. A portion of the proceeds made from preorders will go to supporting the ACLU of Indiana, which Thomas has done with each of the albums he has released.