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Hope does exist. It’s exemplified in many different ways, through doves, white light, the rising sun piercing through darkness. It’s depicted as something pure, or something breaking through whatever is holding it captive. It’s something we all reach for, mythical as it may be at times.

Rorie is a singer-songwriter who promotes hope, love, and the occasional heartbreak in her music regularly. She reminds us to, and helps us, fight through the darkness and find the light on the other side. Her latest single, “Dawn,” might be the most perfect example of that yet.

Shrouded in instrumentation that resembles a dreary, rain-soaked alleyway, Rorie sings of struggles. Her gorgeous voice is lowered down to a subtle but powerful tone, allowing us to relate to the downtrodden feeling of not being able to see a clear path forward. It’s not her voice that ends up being a light at the end of the tunnel though, unlike many of her other tracks. Sure, it’s the brightest point in the song, but it’s there to deliver a particularly important message: do not give up.

“Keeping up the pace, I will run this race” sings Rorie. The lyrics remind us that, no matter how rough things get, that things will be better if we push through. It’s not difficult to imagine Rorie as our compassionate hero in this instance, cheering us on and giving us the means to break through the wall.

“Dawn” was produced by the one and only, award-winning producer Tommee Profitt. It is released officially tomorrow but you can take an early listen via our premiere below. Be sure to snag it up once it’s released as well.