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October 17, 2018 Stevie Ervay

Shimmering chimes and a breathy voice lead you in. Rather quickly, the track builds steam, propelling you forward. Drums and guitars and shakers sonically wrap around you. “Placebo Jesus”, the latest track from Seattle outfit Strawberry Mountain, knows just how to capture your attention.

The track takes a shift to a key-heavy movement about a minute in, something the track will do often; weaving in and out of movements that share a common motif. The music shifts at the perfect times, placing more emphasis on the lyrics when need be.

Exploring themes of uncertainty and more existentially intense subject matter, Strawberry Mountain manages to make “Placebo Jesus” extremely dynamic and fun. As if taking a step back and just laughing at life in general, this track carries with it a great sense of humor and, even thought just a little bit, dread.


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