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Syna So Pro makes weird music. Weird in the sense that it’s super non-conventional “experimental pop” that takes the voice of St. Louis, Missouri native Syrhea Conaway and methodically layers it into insanely catchy compositions. It’s weird. But it’s the right kind of weird.

Taking a capella in an indie direction, Syrhea channels a bit of the vocal quirkiness of tUnE-yArDs. This shows throughout her latest album VOX, including the single “Holiday,” which you can stream below ahead of the album’s December 9th release on FPE Records.

“Holiday” tackles what it’s like to be a normal person with normal problems that are faced on every normal day. Syrhea summarizes it below.

“The chorus to the song (“Go on Holiday”) came to mind first and I wanted to make sure the verses captured the daily struggles of most people, whether it was a career, friendships, relationships, etc.  I had a different 3rd verse in regards to mentally preparing for any type of violence when protesting against injustices, but my co-producer thought it left the song feeling, “way too dark”.  A part of me regrets cutting that portion of the song considering everything that is going on in the world, but there can always be a remixed release later.”

You can pre/order VOX from the FPE Record’s website.