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“Up To Me” is a progressive / indie rock track that chronicles two very human constellations caught in a suspended moment of eternal distance as one attempts to convince the other that they are important and worthy of their attention; that all they have to do is look over across the void (“Is it up to me / to make you see the stars I see”). The track chugs along until the last remaining howls of the narrator empty out into the eventual silence. It’s an atmospheric song from a band whose main instruments are the words injected into the highly thought-out sounds.

The track is the first single off Winded City’s debut full-length album Welcome Home which is due out this summer. Of the song, the band says “We recorded it in a home studio in our guitar player (Marc)’s basement. The single release date is set officially for April 4th (coincidentally our singer’s 21st birthday) and is set to be released on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, along with Spotify, iTunes, etc. etc. The latter two may be posted a bit late since we are at the mercy of CD Baby, but eventually they will be on there.”

Give the new single a listen below and be sure to stay tuned as time ticks away and gets closer to the album’s release date.