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Song + Video Premiere: Caleb Kopta, "Foreign Language"

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Song + Video Premiere: Caleb Kopta, “Foreign Language”

Caleb Kopta has always had a knack for creating the perfectly poppy indie rock song. And that hasn’t changed.

“Foreign Language”, Kopta’s latest single carries with it the kind of energy that makes you want to dance. A gentle wiggle at first, but the track builds to an exceptionally groovy chorus. In the video, we see Kopta bathed in red, neon lights flashing, colored waves emitting from his hands and body.

Despite the upbeat and jaunty front, “Foreign Language” actually has a distinct tone of desire lingering within. Nowadays, there’s so many ways to communicate from person-to-person, and so many ways for that communication to get lost. Kopta tackles this in a sense, beckoning to get back on the same page, crying out for genuine connection and understanding.

Open your windows for this one, folks, and turn up your speakers.