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Hellooooo, October. Since I don’t do scary movies, I’m celebrating you with a couple of dark and haunting albums instead. Listen and weep, ladies & gents.

Banks, The Altar

The psychological thriller that is Banks delivers, yet again, an emotionally gripping account of her relationship with self and others on ‘The Altar.’ Her lyrics dive so deep into the intricacies of emotional attachment that I can’t help but feel a little exposed just by listening. She’s owning her vindictive qualities and she’s not taking any of your shit. But, she’s also asking you to stay the night…

Théo Mode, M V S S V

Listen to a song or two of Théo’s and you’ll realize quickly that he’s highly intellectual, highly sensitive, and he’s not at all pleased with humanity right now. He’s confronting greed, offensive language, and oppressive forces on his debut album while speaking candidly about being black, depressed, and wanting to be heard. Still, his articulate anger is tinged with hope, and his one-liners like “I’m madly in love with my madness” are all too relatable. This album is the loner/stoner archetype in a scary movie, the one who you hope makes it out alive, and usually does.