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...and thought he knew a movie that might cheer us up - The Blues Brothers...

Austen Mack / Captain Squeegee

Austen Mack
Tempe, AZ
Photo by Jason Robey

In a world strangled by mediocrity and distraction, Captain Squeegee leads a legacy to push the boundaries of music and bend the rules of the industry itself. Since their mysterious formation in 2003, they have allowed fate to arrange their current line-up (no original members), which has since performed hundreds of shows and festivals, released two albums, and manifested multiple music videos.

Of the many times music has touched my life, one memory still gives me the warmest feelings. Back in 2002 I was 13 and a lot of things were changing in my life. Mom and Dad had recently told my brother Wyatt and I that they were getting a divorce, and I was about to stop playing on basketball teams so I could go to band practice. Factor in the Wonder Years-esque middle school experience and you can imagine how confusing everything felt.
One day after school my Dad noticed how the mood in the house had been in a slump and thought he knew a movie that might cheer all of us up – The Blues Brothers. After a quick trip to our local record store, The Wherehouse, our lives changed.

Not only was the music in this movie amazing, but the actors were hilarious, the editing and cinematography were noticeably clever, and there are cameos that I’m still discovering to this day. Wyatt and I were hooked. He started taking saxophone lessons so he could play like Blue Lou Marini, and Dad got himself enrolled in jazz guitar lessons at the same time. My commitment to music was galvanized by that movie because the actors made the idea of being in a band so damn appealing. They went through thick and thin together – but mostly thin. Everything from Jake’s release from jail straight into a cop car and to Elwood’s apartment, itself almost identical to the cell Jake had left behind, to the scene where they pretend to be The Good Ol’ Boys and make a hasty escape from Bob’s Country Bunker, all the way through the entire Illinois Police Department coming after the brothers as they simply try to save the church they were raised in, it was all so captivating to us.

While Wyatt doesn’t play his sax anymore, and Dad’s guitars have gotten a little dusty, I’m happy to say that the band I joined a couple months after seeing that film for the first time is the band I’m still playing in today – Captain Squeegee.


Stinkweeds and Zia in Phoenix


Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix Arizona
Continental Club in Austin Texas








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