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"That shit was somehow like an invisible force, pushing me through the muck of adolescence."

Chris Costanza / LIMBS

Tampa, FL 
LIMBS is a post-hardcore band from Tampa Bay, Florida.

Music, for me, has dramatically shifted it’s role in my life since I was younger. As a teen, I think that music was very much an escape. Some way to feel like there was reason beyond the insanity of being a teenager. Someone else’s words and feelings that can correlate with what you’re going through. I can still recall blasting Say Anything on my iPod lamenting breakups as a kid. That shit was somehow like an invisible force, pushing me through the muck of adolescence. Giving me something to grasp on to when all reason seemed to disappear. But something funny has happened as I’ve gotten older: I have a kid now. I have a (somewhat) stable life. I don’t feel as volatile as I once was. The deep valleys and insurmountable peaks of the years past have been replaced by rolling hills. Things just aren’t as crazy. And while music was a great tool along the way; it wasn’t what got me through all of the bullshit. It was me who did that. I still listen to music every single day. It’s still a constant part of my life. But it’s funny how it’s role has shifted as I’ve grown into myself a bit more. My tastes have changed. I’m no longer searching for a sympathetic sing along as much as I’m looking for something to draw me in and show me something new. I find myself craving the mood and the feeling more than the catharsis of the lyrics. But maybe in reality, I’ve mellowed out and my taste in music reflects that. I think that everyone has different relationships with music and what they get out of it. I don’t think that anyone can fully explain how or why they enjoy what they do. But isn’t that what makes music exciting? I think so.


Daddy Cool Records


The Rave (Eagles Club) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin








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