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Of all the different ways music is consumed I think my favorite way is in my car, driving nowhere special, and taking in the sights and listening.

Dan Smith / Listener

Kansas City, Mo. 

If your best friend was a band, who would they be? I think they might be something like Listener.  Because Listener is a band of best friends, who have experienced the best and worst of times, and have survived on songs.  No one knows you like they do and no other band can describe how you feel like they can.  They have captured just the right words and just the right sounds and pinned on them all of our deepest emotions, our greatest fears, our toughest challenges, and our unbridled hopes.

I’m always impressed by the recording process. All the thought, intention, method, and different paths of going about it. The ways musicians, technicians, producers and helpers attempt to bottle a feeling. There’s so much energy there, expectation, stress, importance. This is it! A live show will be over in 30 minutes, but an album can live on for as long as someone owns a copy of it (or pays a third party service to allow them access to stream it). That’s really special.

Of all the different ways music is consumed I think my favorite way is in my car, driving nowhere special, and taking in the sights and listening. Sometimes I think about how a record is made (especially if it sounds bad) but in the end it’s just coming out of some car speakers, and I have never had very nice cars or stereos. I turn it up too loud and take it in all the same. I was listening to an interview about recording recently that a musician gave. He mentioned that a lot of people get caught up in the latest gear and methods, and while some of that is important, the thing that’s most impressive to me is if you can capture a feeling on a record.

That’s the, sometimes, unattainable goal for me. To record the feeling. I don’t know much about which gear to use. I have simple tools, but I’ve had the opportunity to work in some really nice studios with people that are artists themselves at the recording process. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. It’s made the music I’ve written sound incredible. If given the opportunity I would 100% make recordings in a proper studio with the best mics and equipment and knowledge. But the feeling is the thing for me, and if it takes recording at home or outside with minimal gear to capture it, then that’s what I’ll try for.


Mills Record Company & Records with Merritt in KC.


In Kansas City I love seeing a show at the Midland Theater or the Uptown Theater. As a band we have gotten to play some amazing small clubs and large theaters. Too many to list.








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