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"A flood gate opened and I just started writing. In that moment. E and A."

Reuben Bullock / Reuben And The Dark

Reuben Bullock
Calgary, AB

Calgary’s Reuben and the Dark is a collection of five multi-instrumentalists and vocalists led by Reuben Bullock. The group makes chilling, emotive folk and soul driven by dark, introspective lyrics that explore the duality of misery and joy. 

When I was younger my older brother gave me an acoustic guitar and a Cat Stevens songbook. The idea was to learn how to play the tunes and teach myself some guitar chords…

I remember learning the first two chords in the book and immediately putting it down. A flood gate opened and I just started writing. In that moment. E and A. It really began right there… the way I would continue to write and play music. Sitting down with an intention of being meticulous but then just abandoning it all and making something simple. Inspired. Following the heart. I’ve always just focused on the things I understand. I’m a slow learner but have never really let that hold me back. I probably wrote 20 songs with those two chords before I learned another one.

I picked up that song book the other day. It’s funny, it must be at least ten years old by now but still looks brand new. Ha! At least these days I can hack my way through most of those songs.


Luke’s In Calgary, Alberta.


Massey Hall in Toronto. Paradiso in Amsterdam








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