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I grabbed my trusty iPod (not a typo) and set out to explore my new neighborhood

Ryan Parmenter / Former Faces

Ryan Parmenter / Former Faces
Los Angeles, CA

Ryan Parmenter’s latest project, Former Faces, is a study in dreams and memories crossing paths. The Silverlake-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist creates fluid cerebral sounds reminiscent of Tame Impala, The War On Drugs, Jim James, and Deerhunter, to name a few.

I decided not to skirt my civic duty and offered no excuses for being excused. As a reward, I spent a week at the Los Angeles courthouse as the 13th juror on a case involving a crime that was “violent in nature.” However on the eighth day, without cause or explanation, I was absolved and released.

Suddenly free and not expected at the office, I decided that an adventure in my own backyard was in order. So after returning to the confines of the Silver Lake house I was renting a room in, I grabbed my trusty iPod (not a typo) and set out to explore my new neighborhood.

I spent the remainder of the day wandering through the streets, alongside the reservoir, across the L.A. river and back again, and finally up to and through the hills of Griffith Park. I listened to Tortoise’s It’s All Around You, Miles Davis’ Bitch’s Brew, Pinback’s Blue Screen Life, Built to Spill’s Keep It Like a Secret, and Radiohead’s In Rainbows. I sank deep into the music and my surroundings.

As I watched the afternoon bleed to evening and the sun set over the Pacific, I realized that in this tiny corner of the world, in this massive metropolis, I felt at home and at peace. For the first time in years I had the headspace to be freely expressive and the desire to create. What began as a day in court ended atop a mountain, my heart and mind aligned for an outpouring of music and art.


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Teregram Ballroom
Greek Theater
The Echo








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