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"We realized the intensity of uncompromising, honest expression."

Tall Heights

Tall Heights
Boston, MA 

From playing on the streets of Boston to now performing in venues across the globe, the duo of Paul Wright and Tim Harrington, together known as TALL HEIGHTS, have built a career from the ground up, diligently as a relentless touring act. It’s been a journey of consistent evolution for the longtime best friends – everything from instrumentation to production to the size of their band has changed throughout the years, hand-in-hand with an ever-growing audience of listeners. Yet with all of this change, there remains a distinct DNA that courses through the entirety of Tall Heights’ music.

Years ago, when we were just getting started, the two of us made our living busking on the street. It wasn’t just something we did, it was all we did. Each day, regardless of the temperature outside or the day of the week, we’d go out to Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston and play until we made enough to pay for our recordings, and groceries, and electricity, and everything else you need money for.

As artists we were suffering dearly ‘cuz when making money is so imperative, you can easily lose yourself. It turned into nothing but long hours of grueling crowd pleasing, I confess, we’d even play “Wagon Wheel”. One evening, however, the sun had just dipped away and the classy-ass exterior illumination around that marketplace had just switched on. It was a beautiful, cool late summer evening and we started playing only our new original tunes. In the twilight, one-by-one the tourists started actually sitting cross legged on the piazza floor to watch and listen. As we explored the emotional corners of some new songs in the most understated manner, the crowd grew up over 400 of all ages from all over the place, taking it in with mouths closed and asses on cobblestone.

We, the starving artists, offered up our songs and hearts; they, the overstimulated tourists, cherished a rare moment of naturally occurring artistic beauty. It was no longer busking, it was a real life show, and we never looked back from there. We realized the intensity of uncompromising, honest expression. I remember seeing the crowd that night and thinking, “this is magic.” I knew we had unlocked something special and needed to take it on the road to the rest of the country.


My college buddy’s dad’s collection – Columbus OH


The Sinclair – Boston, MA








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