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As my pedal collection expanded, so did my mind...

Trent Dabbs / Future Fathers

Future Fathers
Nashville, TN. 

Dream pop with glitchy accents. Future Fathers debut song and music video, “False Information,” was just released which you can check out below. 

I was just leaving ninth grade, moving on to the 10th and trying to connect with friends. Living in Mississippi in a class of around 50 students didn’t exactly give me many options in the area of musically open minded people to befriend so I struggled with loneliness. My folks purchased a cheap amp and an Ibanez Roadstar electric guitar for me during this season of life to see if I would be interested in playing. Perhaps they did so to distract me from the realities of my current social status, but for whatever reason I found a refuge in the sounds that came from that “rehearsal space” created above our garage. I had nothing to really “rehearse” for per say but as my pedal collection expanded, so did my mind, and in the strangest of ways I felt befriended by the sounds coming from that room.

My folks had no idea that I would be looking back on those days as the actual “rehearsal” for my future independent lively hood. Many years later I found my love for music would meet its unlikely hero in a hole in the wall bar located in Memphis TN. It was a Monday night at a club called Barristers when I met Jeff Buckley face to face and watched him perform in front of crowd just shy of 30 people. I was bewildered. I watched this man play solo electric and transport me right back to the edge of my bed when I first heard the song “Last Goodbye.” I guess in a sense this was my last goodbye to such an icon considering he passed away several weeks later after that performance I had witnessed. He probably had no idea that it was solely his voice and guitar that would inspire me to attempt to merely be a ripple on the ocean of his musical influence. All in all the melodic tones that surfaced from one single guitar turned me from a lonely adolescent to a curious reflective adult in a matter of minutes.


Uncle Bucks in Oxford, MS (closed down now)


The Ryman (Nashville)








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