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I honestly can’t think of a single day in my life that I haven’t listened to music, it’s been omnipresent since my parents were playing it to me in the womb. There was always singing in the house growing up and it was something my family and friends were always talking about. I was surrounded by all types of music- I vividly remember The Gypsy Kings, U2 and Madonna as a kid running around. The one thing that differentiated me was that, from a very young age, I only ever really wanted to listen to rock’n’roll. It’s not that I didn’t like other music, it’s just that I obsessed over rock’n’roll. When I latch onto something I dive deep and block out everything else- to the point that I remember my life in terms of what I was listening to and when.

My first obsession was with the Beatles and how hard “Helter Skelter” shredded. When I was an adolescent and started playing guitar, I was all about Nirvana (and, to be honest, blink-182). When I got good at guitar I was all about Metallica and System of a Down. When I started to really like girls I got heavy into Oasis – they rocked out like crazy, but had beautiful melodies that anyone could sing along to. Bowie was all I could talk about at age 19 and I was eventually led back to the Beatles. I had the opportunity to see Paul McCartney perform at Coachella. When he closed the first part of his set with “Hey Jude”, the entire audience didn’t stop singing the “nana na na” part until he came back for the encore and it felt like a religious moment that validated all my obsessions.

Rock’n’roll is the one constant through-line in my life. It’s what I listen to, it’s what I make, and it always will be.

Favorite Record Store

Amoeba Records, Los Angeles

Favorite Concert Venue

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

Swerve originally began as a moniker for music created by Los Angeles native Greg Mahdesian. But what initially began as a solo project eventually became a full-fledged band. Greg solely composed all of the songs on Swerve’s self-titled debut EP and hired producer Brandon Duncan to record them. So when it came time to recruit musicians in order to perform live, Greg naturally asked Brandon to join on bass, his old college friend, Ryan Berti, on guitar, and Mark Gardner on drums.