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Last Friday, Syd of The Internet released the track “All About Me,” the first off her upcoming album. “All About Me” has the signature electro-soul sound and heavy bass that we’ve come to expect from The Internet. Her lyrics take center stage, setting an almost ominous tone. She reveals a few facts about herself, including her choice of meat – hold the fish, please – but while the title might have you believe the song is all about, well… her, it actually functions more like an ode to the importance of keeping a close group of friends. Her voice sounds extra sweet as she coos “take care of the family that you came with.” And it doesn’t seem that’s just a line in a song – it’s a principle she works by. As discussed in their interview with The Fader, The Internet plans to create another album as a group in 2017, in addition to the members’ solo pursuits. Her upcoming album, Fin, is set to be released on February 3rd, and it will be her first solo album.

If “All About Me” is a taste of what’s to come from Fin, then we can expect more laid-back confidence in the form of sultry, easy listening tracks from Syd.

Watch the video to “All About Me” below.

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