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Gallery: Front Bottoms (Main Street Armory / Rochester, NY)

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Gallery: Manchester Orchestra (The Uptown Theatre / Kansas City, MO)

Photographer: Lucas Carpenter Date: Dec. 2nd, 2018 Venue: The Uptown Theater Location: Kansas City, Missouri #ftg-66 .tile .icon { color:#ffffff; }#ftg-66 .ftg-items .loading-bar i { background:#666; }#ftg-66 .ftg-items .loading-bar { background:#fff; }#ftg-66 .tile .icon { font-size:12px; }#ftg-66 .tile .icon { margin: -6px 0 0 -6px; }#ftg-66 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.text

14 Of Our Favorite Music Videos: November 2018

As I was watching music videos this month, I found quite a few of them had this groove to them. I know because I was doing the out-of-rhythm head bob and probably had an overbite too while jamming out. (Side note: I often do work in coffee shops and I

Album Review: Mr. Golden Sun, “Central States EP”

Mr. Golden Sun’s debut unfolds like a cinematic drive down a desolate midwestern highway. Perhaps the title of the EP – Central States EP – beckons this to mind, or maybe it’s the opening line of the album, “Breaking down on the interstate…”. Regardless, these six tracks are a perfect

Song Premiere: Window Dogs, “Go Outside”

Soft, subtle, and quirky. That’s how Cleveland quintet Window Dogs introduces their latest single, “Go Outside”. Cheekily, the band brings in peppy hi-hat hits as the guitar flutters on. Captivatingly wordy, the song starts to truly build as the vocals come onto the scene. Before you know it, Window Dogs

Live Review + Gallery: Wild Nothing (Opera House / Toronto, ON)

Since 2010, I have been following Jack Tatum's brainchild, Wild Nothing, as his solo project has taken many different forms with each new album. Personally, my favorite has to be 2012's Nocturne which is widely regarded as Tatum's breakthrough. Tracks like "Shadow" and "Paradise" are the perfect blend of shoegaze

Live Review + Gallery: Pond (Opera House / Toronto, ON)

Last weekend saw psych-rock magicians, Pond, bring their Aussie charm to a rowdy Toronto crowd. Still riding high on the critical and commercial success that was their 2017 released LP titled The Weather, Pond showed why they are a staple in the indie genre scene with their energetic performance. Pond's