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September 12, 2017 Meredith Schneider

Portland’s post-pop, “death affirming” (yup, that’s a descriptor in their Facebook bio) collective Typhoon is doing something a little interesting at the moment. And by “a little interesting,” we actually mean “super ridiculously fantastic by creating a listening community, and we think everyone and their mother should partake.” In fact, they sent an email to their followers letting them know about a worthwhile opportunity, as you can see below:

But here’s a proposition: You bring your best pair of headphones and meet us in one of the cities listed below and we’ll let you listen to the entire seventy minutes of the new typhoon record in a conducive listening environment, prior to the release of any material to the public. Added bonus: members of the band will be available immediately afterwards for questions, concerns and, if you like, general merrymaking.

10.07 Portland, OR – Attend
10.08 Seattle, WA – Attend
10.09 Boston, MA – Attend
10.10 Austin, TX – Attend
10.10 New York, NY – Attend
10.11 Chicago, IL – Attend
10.13 Los Angeles, CA – Attend
10.14 San Francisco, CA – Attend
10.15 Philadelphia, PA – Attend
10.16 Washington, DC – Attend
10.17 Atlanta, GA – Attend
10.18 Denver, CO – Attend

With every negative thing happening in our world right now, we’ve been gravitating to the music community. Typhoon reaching out to provide a safe space for a community of people to gather and share is bringing all the feel good vibes we can muster. We’ve been big fans of their work for a while and, well, we think you be will too. To be able to hear the new album before anyone else, in an intimate environment with the band and the promise of a preorder of the CD or LP? It’s a unique and fun mini tour idea for sure, and it will probably be one of the best ways to celebrate autumn.

For listening parties and other fun opportunities, keep up at wearetyphoon.com.