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Liner Note: Vesper Wood

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Vesper Wood

I have a reoccurring dream, of waking up lying on some leaves, twigs, and roots, next to a small glassy pond, and hearing music somewhere off in the woods. I spend a while just lying there looking at the pond and listening, listening to the sound of the water dripping and lapping too. I usually find the players after a while in a clearing –a circle of people, playing instruments I can’t recognize and singing, and we’re somewhere in a northern forest. It feels like Finland to me. They look very old, with tanned faces. It’s the most satisfying dream in the world, especially when I find them and the music gets louder.

The music doesn’t sound foreign at all to me – like it’s been lodged in there a long time. It’s bizarre how we can tell a whole other story, speak a language that’s both cerebral and emotional, through pure tones. Humans have this parallel universe of sound that transcends language.

Favorite Record Store

Flashback Records, London

Favorite Concert Venue

Berghain, Berlin

Other Projects You’re Involved In


Soundtrack Of Your Life

Vesper Wood

A gossamer touch makes Vesper Wood’s organic and atmospheric sound all the more arresting. With just keys, strings and her voice at the forefront, there’s a vulnerability and fragility that echoes through these recordings with such conviction that they could never be considered a weakness. The simplicity of her approach blossoms with the opulence of feeling that you travel throughout the album