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Sharp-tongued and tired of your bullshit, Domineko’s latest visual for his single “Venue” is soaked in the attitude that we love from the Kansas City hip-hop artist.

“This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised” flashes across the screen as a figure in nun clothes lights a joint. The track fades in as indistinct vocals bounce around, adding a mysterious, anxious feel. Then, before you know it, Domineko hits the screen.

“I look like a Batman villain in that video!” Domineko tells me, and it’s absolutely accurate. Draped in fur, Hennessey in hand, and vacant city shots pull the video together. “It’ll definitely further me as an artist,” Domineko continues. That, coming from someone as artistically driven as Domineko, is a breath of fresh air. Never being satisfied, always thirsting for something bigger and better; this is what sets Domineko apart.

“Venue” was directed by Kendu The Stampede, the track was produced by Kevin Delaney & Rory Fresco. “Venue” is the first single from ‘Perfect Weekend’, available this fall. Follow Domineko on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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