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How many of you are eager to continue the commentary on male dominance in the entertainment industry? Sadly, it’s a fact in today’s society, but the movement toward equality has taken a turn as of late. The good news? Men are getting it. And incredible artists – like jazz pop musician Paul Cherry and his bandmates Mathew Roberts (drums), Shubu (keys), Andrew Adams (synth), Joe Faught (bass), and Justin Vittori (auxiliary percussion) – are even including commentary in their new tunes and music videos.

Today, we have the exclusive premiere of the music video for “Like Yesterday”, the first single off Paul Cherry’s upcoming 2018 debut album Flavour. Directed by Paul Cherry and Brooke Lord, the video addresses male dominance in music as we follow around Cherry’s alter ego Paul Scary while he partakes in his usual riotous and unaware behavior.

But what happens when a musician who has basically had it all easy from the get-go realizes not everyone loves his music? What happens when he doesn’t get everything handed to him with a smile and a wink? While the song seamlessly and beautifully meanders along, we get to see everything unfold with a humorous and charming twist. Documented on 25mm disposable cameras and VHS camcorders, additional VHS production was provided by Joshua Patterson and Diana Bowden. The effect is stellar, and you get to be the first to witness it.

Flavour is due out Spring 2018. Keep up with Paul Cherry here.

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