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Talkie’s latest track “Whistler,” off their double album Hablas, is a song simply written in the heat of a broken heart. It’s a track very much based off the lives of those within the band and seemingly recent events that twisted and turned until they disintegrated into nothingness (or blew up and shot fiery shrapnel into the air). The accompanying video is equally appropriate as it shows  Ub Iwerks’ 1930’s cartoon Fiddlesticks which features Flip the Frog and a very early version of Mickey Mouse. The playfulness of the video mirrors the playful instrumentation within the serious song. Talking to Matt Hagmann of Talkie about the video:

Whistler is a song about someone I was once very close with (as are most love songs). We were a crucial part of each others lives for roughly half of it, but due to some choices on both sides, are no longer together. It seems trite to go into much more detail than I loved my best friend, but she did not love me in return (at least, not in the way I was hoping). The song came to me one day when I was thinking back over the years and feeling a mixture of misery, joy, love, loneliness and a gaggle of other emotions. There are musical references to songs we enjoyed, and there are lyrical references to places we’d been together. It’s a seven and a half minute song completely dedicated to her.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love cartoons. Eric and his wife Alanna found this cartoon done by UB Iwerks, who if you don’t know, was the artist who did the large majority of the animation for early Mickey Mouse cartoons. He did something like 700 frames of animation in one day, maybe more. Either way, the man was incredible. The fact that we could use his Flip the Frog cartoon due to it being public domain at this point was very exciting. With some tweaking, it synced up real well with the song and in a way, I feel, captures the spirit of the song, beautifully.

Check out the video above and be sure to take a listen to the masterpiece that is Hablas if you haven’t already.


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