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Music is a journey that’s uniquely different for everyone. I hold music really close to my heart because it transports me to a place where I’m free to be myself. I get lost when I’m listening to my favorite records or when I’m playing a show on stage.

When I was in high school, my iPod was a shield that I held close to me at all times. At that point, I was struggling with depression because I was trying to accept the fact I was gay. And at that time, there was no guide book and how to go about that. But music helped guide me through the experience. I connected with the songs and stories off of albums like The Who’s Quadrophenia, Pete Townshend’s Empty Glass, Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run. It felt like they were written for only me. It was suddenly okay to feel angst, depression, happiness, acceptance, love. It was with music that I became confident in myself and accepted my identity. It is because of music that I am now proud of who I am.

By being a musician, I wanted to create that same kind of shield that got me through my teenage years for others. I want other people who have their own issues, their own identities to listen to our music and take that time to dance or vibe it all away and accept themselves for who they are. – ZC

Favorite Record Store

Reimagine Records in New Hartford, NY

Favorite Concert Venue

To Play: Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, NY
To See a Show: SPAC in Saratoga, NY

New Jersey

WYLAND are an American rock band formed sometime in 2015, somewhere in the Meadowlands of New Jersey. The band began to grow in popularity from their live performances in the underground New York music scene. Their sound eventually reached across the ocean to Ireland, where the band spent the better half of 2018 recording with producer Philip Magee (Kodaline, Miles Kane, The Academic).