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Liner Note: Xavier Dunn

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Xavier Dunn

I grew up with four brothers and parents who all played music. Mum and Dad were music teachers and knew the value of music, so they taught all their 5 sons how to play different musical instruments. I guess from being surrounded by live music from such a young age, it become the norm for me. I didn’t know any different. ‘Twas the best upbringing, thinking back on it. An upbringing of music camps and water-skiing….

*Sampled Thoughts:*
My brain regains control. My cheeks shudder against the sun crackling daytime fever. Dissonant whispers of regret from not taking my Hydralyte illuminate my waking eyes.

This is happiness, this is yes.

I make my way to Central Station in Sydney and ride the tube towards Bondi. I do this because I know it can only take me so far and I like the limitation. I flip to voice memos on my phone and press record. I sit. Waiting for the prime target to enter my range. The weathered navy blue seat reminding me of giant war sea creatures enter my mind but quickly fall out as a sharp woman sits down beside me. She is completely unaware that beside her that her universe is being recorded. I look out the window pretending not to hear her sharp tones of resentment as she breaks up with her partner. I feel embarrassed and excited at the same time. I will use her moment to create another moment. I will sample the audio until it’s unrecognisable. If I can hear it, it’s mine.

I wake up inspired. Through my life and yours.

Favorite Record Store

I’d normally go to record stores to find weird cheap vinyls or tapes that I could sample, but nowadays you can find me strolling through Instagram finding other artists mucking around on the piano and/or guitar, and sampling that. But the first record store close to my heart would be Sanity Music (music retail chain here in Australia), R.I.P. I bought my first CD there and it was the M.I.B Soundtrack. Heaven on a disk. From that day forth, I’ve also had a strong affinity with musical scores and soundtracks.

Favorite Concert Venue

My favourite venue thus far has got to be the Metro Theatre here in Sydney. I saw Porter Robinson there once, and boom… life changed forever. Or for at least that week. His set was incredible and I snuck backstage after his set to see him, and there he was with a couple of his mates on the couch huddled around a laptop playing Super Smash Bros. It was amazing.

Xavier Dunn
Sydney, New South Wales 

Xavier Dunn is a multi-instrumentalist and producer based out of Sydney, Australia. We highly suggest following Dunn on Twitter, trust us.