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Header Photo by Sedition1216

Payton Douglas is name anyone interested in music needs to know. At the very young of 11, Douglas started his own Youtube page, DrummingPHD, dedicated to interviews with some of his favorite bands.

Starting his concert-going days at the age of four, Douglas has had a passion for music longer than most of us have been away from our dreaded ‘emo phase’. Attending Warped Tour for the last nine years has been a tradition, one that led him to the creation of his page.

“That got me to thinking I love drumming and I know people in bands, like Ryan Tuck O’Leary from Fit For A King. I brought the idea to my dad and we started it up not to much longer after that.” Douglas had his first interview with Dan Bourke of Stray From the Path, the first to mark a great career to come. For the past two years, the young journalist has been attending shows around the Midwest, getting the fantastic opportunity to ask the questions so many fans long to.

Despite his age, nerves catch up to Douglas. Understandably, standing in-front of one of your favorite musicians can be a bit jarring. That doesn’t stop our favorite Youtuber.

“Well I usually freak out at first, then just remember they are human. Everyone I have interviewed so far has been really cool and helped me get through them.” With support like that, who could be nervous? After online correspondence and pre-interview hangs, Douglas has found great ways to open up to his interviewees and really show that chemistry in the interview.

If you needed any more reason to love this early-starter, here are a few words that’ll do just that.

“I take all things commented or said to me in consideration. I know I stumble in some of my interviews and I try to work on them. I also rewatch my interviews to see where I can get better. Being 13, I still get nervous and it’s hard. But I don’t let peoples comments get me down, this is all for fun.” Which is more than a lot of us can say. The Youtuber’s dedication to his craft has brought out support from complete strangers and interviews to his door. To see this channel grow and prosper would be a privilege for any music fan.

“…I do it because I love the music first and foremost.”

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