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Playlistplay | Experience Music


Eddie Moore And The Outside Circle, “007”

Jazz and Ropeadope Records group Eddie Moore And The Outside Circle brought their layered, compositionally complex music to the Shadow Scape Records studio.


The Pacing Party, fine

Daniel Gardner makes emotion-based pop music from the Pacific Northwest under the moniker The Pacing Party. His new album fine was just independently released and includes 13 songs of power pop goodness.


Florist, “Glowing Brightly”

Emo pop from Brooklyn that feels like a summer night when you’re a teen trying to figuring out who you are. And don’t miss out on seeing Florist live as they tour with Pinegrove this summer

Worriers, “The Possibility”

“The Possibility” comes off punkish band Worriers’ upcoming album Survival Pop which is out 9/29 on SideOne Dummy Records. They also announced a couple album release shows on the East Coast. ‘Cause, ya know, they like being busy and kickin’ ass.

Freedom Fry, “Strange Attraction”

“All the world really turns me on.” It’s healthy to shake your booty every once in a while and, lucky for us, groovy pop band Freedom Fry is here to help us out. The track comes off an EP the band will be releasing on 9/7.

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