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“For the imperfect, for the diligent, for Kansas City.” Hip Hop duo BLKFLANL performed their generationally introspective track “Levee” in the our latest session.


Two years of writing later and The Greeting Committee return with music more mature, experimental, and heartfelt than most of their contemporaries. Keep this one around.


If you could bottle sunshine and inject it with some sarcasm and pop-punk energy, you’d have this Oso Oso track. Off their recent album The Yunahon Mixtape.

Rogue Wave makes consistent magic on their own but when they start covering classic 80’s tracks? Your mind explodes into pastel and neon chunks.

There’s something extremely satisfying when two genres that aren’t necessarily aligned merge together successfully. Super Whatevr gives us jangly power-pop music that has a bit of folk undertones.

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