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LIGHTS Releases New Single "New Fears".


Hang With Typhoon Band Members & Listen To The New Typhoon Record Before It Is Released.


Astro Tan Releases "To Joyce, From Japan" To Kick Off Summer Tour


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Phoebe Bridgers,
Stranger in the Alps

Turn off all the distractions around you, take a late night walk or a slow drive, let the fall air caress your face, and sink into the sad folk sounds of one of this year’s most talented songwriters. The instrumentation is precise and lonely and Bridgers’ voice strands us in places we’re happy to remain.


JR JR, “Control (Secretly Sorry)”

JR JR’s latest ask their listeners to stop and think about who is pulling the strings. All while pulling your strings and getting you on the dance floor.

Twain, “Little Dog Mind”

Hot damn, Mt. Davidson’s voice is something to behold. Twain’s music feels like a wood cabin built out of emotional concerns held together with vocal perfection.

Elephant Jake, “Sarah Moyer”

Banjos and pointed lyrics, yes please. Folk and punk go together like matches and fire and Elephant Jake’s new single proves it.

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Eddie Moore And The Outside Circle, “007”

Jazz and Ropeadope Records group Eddie Moore And The Outside Circle brought their layered, compositionally complex music to the Shadow Scape Records studio.




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