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The Atlantic,

The band that always carried a palpable angst with them has now matured, without losing that signature power in their lyrics and their musicianship. Desert sounds just like everything we loved about the band in 2013 grew up with us. We’re older, but let’s be honest, we’re still just as angsty.


UTAH, “Mirrors”

The first track from UTAH’s latest EP This is for you, “Mirrors” is a transportive, calming electronic trip of a pop song.

Pianos Become The Teeth, “Charisma”

An atmospheric and insanely beautiful song that proves that some things are still beautiful in this world. Also, hot dang that music video.

Typhoon, “Rorschach”

The first single off the band’s upcoming LP “Offerings” further proves that Typhoon is one of the best bands making music today. At least we tend to think so.

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Eddie Moore And The Outside Circle, “007”

Jazz and Ropeadope Records group Eddie Moore And The Outside Circle brought their layered, compositionally complex music to the Shadow Scape Records studio.




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